Wednesday, 20/9/2017 | 12:55 UTC+3

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Shahid Kapoor too old for me: Lady Shriram College student Mira Rajput

The lovely looking Rajput nixes an alleged marriage in the bud.

AB Wire

NEW DELHI: Save your tears, all you girls who are Shahid Kapoor fans. He’s not getting married to Delhi girl Mira Rajput, a student of Lady Shriram College (LSR), nor is he in a relationship with her.

According to a report that appeared in India Today, Rajput’s friend has rubbished an earlier report that said that Rajput, a third year English (Honors) student of LSR, would soon get married to Kapoor. The Times of India had in a report linked her to the Haider-macho Shahid, whose career graph is on the upward curve once again.

Rajput’s friend told India Today that, “Mira has clearly said that she isn’t dating or getting married to Shahid Kapoor, who is elder to her by 13 years. She did say, though, that Shahid is a family friend.”

Kapoor turned 34 years on February 25th. He is the son of actors Pankaj Kapur and Neelima Azeem.

Thirty something old Indian actors getting married to much younger women are not that uncommon though. Last year, the Malayalam actor Fahadh Faasil, 32, got married to popular co-actor of Malayalam and Tamil films, Nazriya Nazim, who was 19 when she got married. That marriage was fixed by their parents.

The Times earlier reported that Kapoor is all set to marry Rajput in December after they both got officially engaged back in January 14th.

Mira RajputAccording to her classmate, whose identity is unknown, Rajput is a private person who has very few friends. She also said that Rajput is a very focused and intelligent girl who has no problems what so ever in airing her opinions.

Rajput was also the 10th rank holder in the Delhi University’s CATE (Common Admission Test in English).

After the reports came to light, many Shahid Kapoor fans were pouring comments on social media about him choosing a ‘normal’ girl rather than a Bollywood diva like Priyanka Chopra or Kareena Kapoor, both of whom he earlier dated.


Some opined that the 13 years age difference between Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput was way too much to lead a happy life. Currently, Kapoor is the top trending keyword in Facebook and Twitter.


An earlier statement of Kapoor that he intends to marry someone outside of the Bollywood industry gave more credibility to the report that he is getting married to Rajput. Also lending credence is the fact that the Kapoor family is associated with the Radha Soami Satsang, a religious group, and reports say the family of Rajput are also part of that group, and the families met through that association.

But it seems like the heartbroken Shahid Kapoor is yet to find the lady of his life and now that Mira has spilled the beans, his fans can cheer, at least for now.



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