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Bombay Velvet Trailer: Ranbir Kapoor faces yet another flop

Anurag Kashyap’s new film doesn’t seem too exciting.

AB Wire

WASHINGTON, DC: If the trailer of the film ‘Roy’ showed the gist of the entire drab film and left most wanting no more, of the trailer or what turned out to be a ridiculous film, the trailer of ‘Bombay Velvet’ directed by Anurag Kashyap, is as equally disenchanting and makes one wonder again, with a groan, as to why the hell do film makers want to release a trite film after giving everything away in a 100 seconds or so trailer.

The trailer of Bombay Velvet, which is touted as a period film from the 1960s era, brings instantly to mind ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai’. There is also ample evidence that Kashyap is still in the doldrums creatively and has generously borrowed from popular film culture, including a scene where Ranbir Kapoor (in the avatar of a tough guy Johnny Balraj) looks like a clone of Al Pacino in Scarface, running rampant with a machine gun, shooting every living thing in sight.

The glamorous Anushka Sharma looks like a high class prostitute turned society girl as Rosy Noronha, a bar dancer extraordinaire and femme fatale, who churn men’s hearts almost as a whim. Thankfully the film is being released after the World Cup is over. Virat Kohli might have gone berserk a little bit.

Take this for example (all gleaned from the wonderful trailer): Kapoor kisses Sharma passionately in one scene, and then declares in another he wants to kill her. Her aristocratic looking outfits are perhaps what will be the scene stealers in Bombay Velvet, for Indian girls who want to look retro on college campuses this summer. If there is any girl silly enough to do that, though.

Here is a piece of advice: go and watch Bombay Velvet only for the effeminate looking turned ‘sinister’ gangster (but for the promos we would have thought he is the dandy of the Bollywood of the 60s) Karan Johar, playing a character named Khambatta, and rake up a few quick laughs and feel ‘paisa vasool’ (with a hollow feeling inside after all).

Don’t know what compelled Kashyap to cast KJ as a villain, but he looks frankly, ridiculous in his new avatar, in a few scenes where he appears in the trailer, almost as if he is a polished version of Charlie Chaplin who’s won a Powerball lottery, and got a makeover; his nails and mustache polished and trimmed. Is he playing a gay villain in the film? We’ll know when the film releases. Does that make him sinister? Only Kashyap knows.

A compliment to KJ, he does look prettier than Ranbir Kapoor in the film. Kapoor looks as macho as a metrosexual in boxing gloves.

As the trailer winded to its dreary end, came the punch (in the face), more than a punchline: “Ab ghoda decide karega kaunsa jockey uske upar baithega” (Now the horse will decide which jockey will ride him), Kapoor belts out in a svelte way.

Best to check out which IPL match is there on the day Bombay Velvet releases 5-15-15.

Watch the trailer of Bombay Velvet here:



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