Wednesday, 20/9/2017 | 12:56 UTC+3

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Bombaebs #RapAgainstRape: Mumbai girls create sensation

Watch amateur rappers’ song against rapes in India

By Dileep Thekkethil

BENGALURU: Just a few days after Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh came under fierce criticism for his sexist lyrics, deemed as spreading hatred against women, two Mumbaikers have posted a rap song on YouTube, highlighting the growing atrocities against women in India.

The rap song, produced and sung by Pankhuri Awasthi and Uppekha Jain, who describe themselves as media professionals, was posted with the title #RapAgainstRape on their YouTube account BomBaebs with the disclaimer “This video doesn’t have any explicit or bannable [sic] content. It is just that the reality for women in India in Explicit.”

The video has since received more than 163,988 views and counting, on YouTube.

According to the girls, the video was the result of sudden anger they felt on how Indian  society is dealing with women safety issues. Jain was quoted by The Hindustan Times, saying, “We just decided to shoot the video on Sunday, and uploaded it on Monday. Something got me angry about the way our society was handling issues related to women’s safety. Pankhuri and I decided to contribute, through our profession, whatever little we could change the mindset to tackle the ironies in our society. The lyrics of the video came up from extensive research we had done through the internet, and newspapers which have been highlighting the issues of women’s safety.”

One interesting perspective that these women rappers have given to the song is that they have also criticized the mindset of Indian women, who worship women goddess while, on the other hand, consider their daughters as disgrace. The first-time rappers said “It’s not just the men, it’s the women too, that slaughter the girl child, growing in their womb.”

The video has the two women holding placards with hashtags like #DomesticViolence and #Rape. They have described themselves as “We’re not rappers – no. We’re just a couple of girls trying to open your eyes.”

The video has received positive comments with people saying “Strong women do not need any man to tell them what is what! Empowerment is a threat to them!!! Well done BomBaebs and I sincerely hope that Indian youth change this disgusting repressive mindset of many India…”

While the video received applause, a section of people have asked the girls to settle in some other country and to stop blaming men. “Go to foreign countries …… They are civilized naa….. Why are you here ? ……. Sick minded people ……. What have you done to change the things in real world. ..? Just blaming doesn’t change anything ….. Madam ……….I too want the rapists to be killed …… If not by law then by the mob (just like the Nagaland case), but you are talking a different thing ….. Do you want India to become US……..where woman is commented at every corner…… Just take the good values from them, not the bad one …….” wrote Vikram Biradar on the comment section of the YouTube video.


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