Wednesday, 23/8/2017 | 3:50 UTC+3

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Indian woman’s suicide in California termed as murder by her family

Kinnera Sai Sindhu was harassed for dowry, claim family.

AB Wire

WASHINGTON, DC: The family of Kinnera Sai Sindhu, a 27-year-old woman from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, who allegedly committed suicide in California, say her death is suspicious, as her husband was asking for dowry.

Reports in The Indian Express and the Hindu, quote the family of Sindhu as saying that she was murdered, and the case should be investigated.

The incident transpired on February 5 but only came to light after Sindhu’s parents lodged a formal complaint with the Indian authorities, who refused to register a case, citing legal and technical reasons.

Sindhu’s parents claim they have verified via relatives in California that Sindu’s body sustained multiple injuries, including her private regions, said the reports.

Sindhu was married to Dasari Udayakumar, a resident of Hyderabad, about four years ago. He was working as a hardware professional in California, but the parents of Sindhu do not know which company he works for. The reports do not say where in California the death took place.

Sindhu’s parents allege she was killed after being harassed for additional dowry, and the abuse pertaining to the issue has been intensifying for four months. Despite her oppressive circumstances, the young woman told her parents she would adjust somehow.

“I told her to come back home. But, she did not listen. Now she lost her life. I want the authorities to book a case and handover the body to me,” Krishnaiah Krishnaiah, Saindhu’s father, told The Hindu.

Krishnaiah, a wholesale vegetable trader, said he had given Rs. 6 lakh in cash and gold and silver jewelry worth Rs. 20 lakh for Sindhu’s marriage on May 27, 2011.

As Udayakumar started harassing Sindhu for a larger dowry, her parents vowed to grant him one acre of land during his visit to India on August 2 last year, the complaint said.

Krishnaiah has now demanded legal action against Udayakumar and his parents for the death of his daughter.



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