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Kailash Satyarthi: Nobel means recognition of children’s rights issue

Activist pushing to include child labor in UN global meet agenda.

By Jayshal Sood

Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi was in London earlier this month to attend the launch of a new anti-trafficking fund by Prince Charles. The children’s rights activist, who had met President Obama during the US leader’s visit to New Delhi a few days earlier, spoke to Jayshal Sood last week. Here are edited the excerpts:

What was the purpose of your London trip?

The purpose of my trip was three fold:

Firstly, the British Asian Trust, which is headed by Prince Charles. They invited me because they have launched a special initiative against human trafficking and child trafficking was an important part of it. I was invited to launch it as a key note speaker. I had a long discussion with Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, separately. We had long discussions separately on how to enhance global fight against child slavery. There should be a comprehensive and holistic way by spreading awareness and political will. Prince Charles can play a vital role by using his position and status.

Secondly, abolition of child slavery should be included in the global agenda of Sustainable Global Goals set by the UN guidelines to be adopted next year globally.

Thirdly, I also met with Gordan Brown, former (British) prime minister. He wanted to see that the fight against child labor and advancement for education go hand in hand.

I received a very positive response.

You are on record saying that the biggest challenges while working for children cause in India is to change the mindset. How do you plan to change the mindset?

There are many ways to do this. One is [by] creating awareness and consciousness in the society. We should create a successful example of hope and success of how the change is possible.

What is your main focus for the year 2015?

Our global campaign to boost the agenda for the inclusion of abolition of child labor in Sustainable Global Goals [will be one of my] most important [goals for the year].

What does Nobel Peace Prize mean to you?

Nobel Peace Prize means the recognition of the children who are most deprived, ignored, abused and exploited. These children have caught the visibility. This is the most important part. The ordinary activist started feeling hope and started realizing that abolition of child labor is possible. Activists all over the world are feeling strengthened. This is the first time that this novelty is conferred to someone working on the cause of child labor.


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    50% children in India are UNDERNOURISHED;
    We Have Petitioned President Obama To Direct Modi Regime To Give A Monthly Social Security Pension To All Married Women In India;


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